Core & Drill Grinding

Models: SM180 KBS/2 BSG 60 BKS BSG20/2 & BSM 20

Looking Thru Grinding Machine

This machine gives you free sight and control of your work piece. Equipped with a diamond wheel coated on both sides.

boring holes in the looking through grinding wheel cool the work piece permanently thin grinding wheel
looking-through diamond grinding wheel coated on both sides
high-quality diamond coating grants long durability
for sure every material can be worked on
simplest handling
low heat generation
optional accessory:
 Support for KAINDL Looking through grinding machine SM 180, Item No. 17358
Core Drill Grinding Machine

Professional core drill grinding machine – easy, fast and precise. With laser adjustment device for exact alignment of core drills. For core drills from Ø 12 to 100 mm.

core drill holding fixture by weld on support
precise adjustment by laser device
simplest handling
step less angle adjustment

for core drills from Ø 12 – 100 mm with 4+8 / 5+10-teeth (special sizes upon request)
Drill Grinding Machine

The professional machine for supreme claims. For drills from Ø 3 – 60 mm. Precise, no servicing, 4 point linear guide ways. Spindle system with adjustable needle bearings. Prism quick action system.

guarantees quick and simple handling
proven patented reversing prism system, that guarantees the highest possible accuracy and cutting edge symmetry
sharpens all drills (also special forms), step drill, sheet metal drill, wood drill
milling bits from HSS and tungsten carbide (widia)
Clamping range Ø 3mm to 40mm

complete with special fused alumina grinding wheel K80
dressing fixture
precision optics
motor 230V/50Hz 0.37 KW
div. Accessories are available e.g. prism from 40mm to 60mm, countersink grinding fixture etc.

See Below Video for Special Accessory for BSG60
Countersink Sharpening Device for BSG 60

Professional countersink and drill sharpening mechanism for the BSG 60 for tools to 20mm and up to MK3.
For re-sharpening of one-, two-, or 3 flute countersinks and resharpening the faces of one to four flute cutters. The fixation is made by a clamping head ER 32. Additionally the clamping head is equipped with a MK3 morse tapper.

for 3 flute countersinks from 6 – 20 mm or
morse tapper up to MK3
one to four flute cutters for re-sharpeing the face of
cutters up to 20 mm precise laser adjustment
tool support ER 32 and morse tapper support MK 3
extendable for cross rose bits (optional)
special forms: step drills, sheet metal- and wood drills
solid construction

SZVR incl. 10 mm collet
Collet nut
Laser adjustment
Morse tapper MK 3
Cam for 3 cute countersink
Index plate for one to four cute cutters
Drill and Core Drill Grinding Machine

The new developed drill- and core drill grinding machine BKS sharpens core drills In the range of 12-100 mm as well as twist drills from 2-20 mm.

The sharpening procedure of different types of drills is based on our approved drill grinding machine BSM 20. As option, it is also possible to sharpen countersinks by using our countersink sharpening device SVR 20.

HSS core drills are fixed by a 19 mm weldon shank. The index is made by selecting the corresponding index plates (standard 4-10 teeth). Other index plates are available upon request.

The sharpening procedure is carried out with profiled cbn grinding wheels, which is best for HSS materials. The improved tool support makes sharpening of core drill much easier and more flexible.

The drill- and core drill grinding machines BKS combines the advantages of our core drill grinding machine KBS and our proven top-seller BSM 20.

The Kaindl BKS is the perfect machine for easy and fast resharpening of twist drills, core drills and countersinks.
Even in the basic version, the machine is nearly complete.

flat cbn grinding wheel for sharpening the cutting edges of the core drill
profiled cbn grinding wheel for sharpening the cutting face of the core drill
corundum grinding wheel for sharpening of HSS twist drills

Rotating diamond wheel dresser
Index plates for core drills with 4/8 and 5/10 teeth
Precision optical lens, neon lighted
info: machine comes now in yellow/grey colourway
Drill Grinding Machine

The classics amongst the Kaindl drill bit grinders in brand new edition. Our entry-level model had been re-engineered thoroughly. It was considered to enchance the proven model.

The technical innovations at a look:
notably extended travel length
linear ball bearing and guideway – maintenance-free-
low backlash, innovative spindle drive

quick and easy web- and cross-facet thinning
precise dressing of the grinding wheel
Versatility coupled with robustness and precision. Convince yourself of the efficiency of our latest basis machine.

Fast, easy handling
approved, patented reversing prism system that guarantees the highest
possible accuracy and cutting edge symmetry

sharpens all drills (special bits as well), step drill bits, sheet metal and wood drills
two edged milling bits, from HSS or tungsten carbide (Widia)
from Ø 2mm to 20mm
complete with adjustable motor, corundum grinding wheel, diamond dresser and optical lens
BSM 20
Drill Grinding Machine

Our model for success for the upper claim for twist drills from Ø 2 – 20 mm. Approved patented prism reversing systems ensures top level cutting edge symmetry!
NEW, basic equipment incl. shape retaining CBN grinding wheel.

Quick and easy handling, proven patented reversing prism system guarantees the highest possible accuracy and cutting symmetry
Sharpens twist drills, step drill bits, sheet metal drills, wood drills, two edged milling bits, HSS or tungsten carbide (also special forms)

Basic equipment:
BSM 20 for drills from 2-20 mm diameter, complete with CBN grinding wheel and illuminated precision optical lens, motor 0,12 kW, motor and light 230 V/ 50 Hz

Machine only available in the color combination: yellow/grey

See Below video for:
Special accessory for BSM 20
Countersink Sharpening Device
Special accessory for BSM 20
Countersink Sharpening Device

For re-sharpening of countersink and cross rose bits with cylindrical shaft.

Simpest handling
for countersinks from Ø 6 – 20 mm
support for BSM 20
complete with collet Ø 10 mm

Countersink grinding fixture for the BSM 20
completely with clamping device Ø 10mm
Cam for 3 flute countersinks