Model BM 400
BM 400
The BM 400/400-R lapping machine is designed specifically for profiled hard-metal inserts, as it has a fixed mechanical aluminium chuck onto which our special high power open-field magnetic chuck is affixed. This special magnetic chuck has a magnetic force 10 times stronger than that of a conventional magnetic chuck and therefore holds firmly the hard-metal inserts to be lapped.
The BM 400-R lapping machine features a switch for shortening the carriage run and an external tank with pump supplied as standard.
MVM offers a full range of accessories, thereby making the BM 400/400-R a complete lapping machine solution.

Technical features of the BM 400/400-R Lapping machines :
Automatic grinding wheel down-feed unit; automatic stop at preset level.
Tilting head to grind hollow surfaces;
Carriage run guides covered with replaceable hardened steel guides;
Chain driven carriage;
Aluminium chuck for mechanical fixing. Chuck width 70 mm, length 400 mm.
Magnetic chuck for hard metal inserts;
Diamond wheel;
Rubber bellow protection covers.
BM 400
BM 400