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Saturn HKSC-600 Grinding Machine

Saturn HKSC-600 Grinding Machine

For carbide tipped circular saw blades, cutters, router bits and knives

MC800 Automatic Saw Blade Grinder

Vollmer Side Grinding Machine
Businaro Micron 650
Quick set-up times and very ease of use machine, PLC controlled.
Cross traverse and depth of slots established using precise mechanical adjustments.
High frequency electrospindle with totally adjustable electronic speed.
Low air consumption and automatic shutdown of completion of operation.  Simple maintenance.

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Used – Chip Breaker Machine –
Businaro Micron 650

for HSS & Circular Saw Blades
Demonstration Model

Takes Diameter: 140mm-630mm
Machine Weight: 275kg – Dimensions: 740 x 720 x 1510mm
Grinding of chip breaker slots completed in single pass.
Kaindl Universal Tool Grinding Machine

This machine is equipped with a high-performance PC with touchscreen and digital jogwheel.
This PC controls three linear and a rotary axis simultaneously.

The geometry of grinding is flexibly programmable by G-code.SK 40 support with ER collets for cutters up to Ø 150 mm, cutter grinding on face, spiral, as well as chip sparebuilt on steady IPC base,free programmable with G-codebased on the solid Linux Ubuntuelectronic jogwheel
Ex Demo Model
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