Visgat Fulgor

Models: Band Saw Welder VC4 & VCE40 PRO & Deburring Machine LV60

Viscat Fulgor VC4 Band Saw Welder
Butt welding machine for band saw blades, metal bands in general and, on request, for round-section wires or tubes.   Reliable inexpensive and very easy to use.  Manual welding and annealing.  Shear included.

Viscat Fulgor VCE40 PRO Band Saw Welder
Butt welding machine with electronic control of welding and annealing current. Evolution of its relevant manual version, it allows a greater sensitivity during the welding and annealing operations of thin band saw blades and metal bands. Shear included.

Viscat Fulgor LV60  Deburring
Manual deburring machine. It removes the residual welding bead. Linear removal movement and manual fixing clamps.